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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Movie review

If you are thinking about seeing a particular movie, would you consult a movie review for a recommendation? Why or why not?

I would not consult movie review because different people has different opinions and taste on movie.

What types of useful information can a movie review offer you? List as many as you can.

Example of a scene from the movie, style of movie, funny or not, famous actors.

How often do you think young people consult movie reviews before watching a movie?

About 85% of people I know ask for movie review because they are not sure if it's worthy of spending their money to watch it.

What aspects about movie reviews make them a positive or negative influence on your decision to watch the movie?

The date movie is made, the actors, graphics, funny, intense, boring.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

College crossroad

— What is your idea of what the perfect college for you might be? Why?
Perfect college for me would be colleges that has the major I want to learn and friendly people because the college you choose should be comfortable and enjoy.
— How much pressure do you feel, whether from parents, teachers, the media or your friends, to get into a selective college? How do you handle that pressure?
I feel mediums pressure from my parents. I just tell my parent they don't need to worry.

— In the end, how much do you think it matters where you go to college? Why?
I think it doesn't really matter where you go for college since all college offer almost the same knowledge but more expensive college has better professors.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Opening moment

I choose this article because it was interesting that many people got hurt from snow

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


— Do you think SAT scores could be a good indicator of future career success? Why or why not?
I don't think a test should decide a persons future because people can learn throughout their job. So why not give a chance for everyone?

— If you were on a hiring committee at a workplace, would you consider SAT scores as part of an applicant’s materials?
It depends what kind of business but I wouldn't consider SAT scores as applicant materials. Doesn't really tells you about the person itself.

— Should there be an expiration date on the scores’ being considered as part of
a prospective employee’s application? If so, what should it be?

Thee should be an expiration date on the score because you never know if someone come in 4 years without working, with their score. 3-4 years should be a good expiration time.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Climate change

— How much have you learned about climate change in school? What do you believe about it?

I learn quite a lot from environmental science and I believe that global warming right now since seasonal weather is beginning to change or delayed.

— How compelling do you find this most recent report to be?

It's interesting because I never knew people doesn't pay attention to it since it's important to the change of world.

— What do you know about both the short-term and long-term consequences of climate change?

Lots thing will change in long term such as seasons but I don't know about short term

— What do you think scientists like these can do to “cut through public confusion” about global warming?

Maybe do an public interview and explain to people

— What steps can individuals take to help reduce the effects of climate change worldwide?

Stop littering trash, less use power, use solar panel if your rich.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Banning fraternity

— Do you want to join a fraternity or sorority? Why or why not?
I don't want to join fraternity because not interested.

— What do you think fraternities could do to police themselves? Is what Sigma Alpha Epsilon doing enough?
I think fraternities can't do police themselves and Sigma is not doing enough to prevent accidents from happening.

— What do you think would be lost if there were no fraternities on college campuses? What might be gained? Would banning fraternities substantially lessen problems like sexual violence and alcohol-fueled injuries and deaths on college campuses or not?
There would not be much communication if there are no fraternities on campus. But less accident would be prevented.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


— How much control do you think you have over your fate?
I believe I have full control of my fate. Fate can be change if you put enough effort in it. 
— Do you think you will be better or worse off than your parents? In what ways? Why?
I think I'll be better off than my parent because I lived in a different environment than they did back when they were young.
— Do you feel your fate is already predetermined by your lineage — your parents and ancestors? Or do you feel you are in the driver’s seat in determining your own success?
I feel like I'm currently in a progress of advancing to my own future.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pulitzer Prize

Who was the writer/writers and for which publication?
Mark Mahoney
What was the PURPOSE of their editorials? (See "citation" tab)
Clearness, sound reasoning, power to influence
After reading a few of the articles, describe what types of resources they used and approximately how many in any given editorial.
Longer and more bias
Did you detect any bias? Explain.  Cite specific passages.
Lots of bias 
How does the format, tone, and length of an editorial differ from a feature article?
It's pretty much the same other then the bias

Monday, February 10, 2014

Creative Article

In my opinion, everyone can be creative. People just got to try harder and think bigger.
What problems on these students’ lists also annoy you?
Roommate talking on Skype all night can be really annoying to me since I'm sleepy always.
What problems at your school or in your home or neighborhood can you identify?
Differcult to walk in the hallway because some people just stop and talk randomly.
How could you solve at least one of them?
Yes, make a rule about it.
Do you wish you could take a class in creative studies? Why or why not?

I would love to take a creative studies class, it sounds fun and easy.

Monday, February 3, 2014

4 interview questions

What are Sawatzki's rules of interviewing?

Avoid charge words
Don't ask yes or no questions
Keep question short

What are things not to do when interviewing?

Don't ask long questions 

What troubles or challenges have you encountered when conducting interviews?

Getting longer answer from people

What can you do in future interviews to elicit more detailed and informative responses?

Using better word choice and asking question that result longer answer.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Feature article

2014 Winter Carnival is arriving to Freeport High School soon. Many students are highly spirited, but in the same time, they are dispirited. It seems that this year, the school are limiting the amount of decoration in the hall way because some students are troubled by the colors in the hall. The decoration in the hallway is like an alternate way of boosting up the spirit of each grade from freshmen to seniors. Without the decorations, the event will be too plain and the spirits of student will be drained.
There are also paper that students has to sign in order for them to participate in the event. If students hasn't turn in the paper before the day of Winter Carnival, they will stay in a room until the school is over. I interviewed one of the student in FHS named Tyler and asked how he felt about no decoration this year. Tyler said "that would suck" if there are no decoration. He also said that "during the past three year of my high school life, this has never happen before."
There are students that didn't know about this problem and some students just doesn't care. I as a senior, personally think the problem was signing up paper just to participate in the event. The event is not a trip to anywhere or something that important that needed parent to sign. I felt that this year, not many students will come to school and participating the event.
In conclusion, student at FHS is depressed because of no decoration during winter carnival and signing a paper to participate is not a good idea.

College essay

My mom told me that I should call my grandparent and ask how are they. In my mind, all I could think about is what my grandparent and I could talk about. It’s been a few year since I’ve seen them. My mom said “your grandma and grandpa won’t be around forever, talk to them while you still got the chance”. As I dial, the phone ringing, I remember growing up as a clumsy kid and still are sometimes. I use to get sick and hurt a lot. While my parents are away from home. My grandparent always take care of me. My grandma is a nurse and grandpa is a herb doctor. They both retired. When I get sick, I get sick very badly. My grandma will carry me to the hospital near by and my grandpa will go buy the herbs and boil for me to drink and take a bath with it. I couldn’t thank them enough for taking care of me these years.
After the phone call got through, I ask how they are doing. They told me that they are doing fine. But in reality, they were getting sick as the year goes by. They didn’t want me to worry about them. They asked when will I travel back to China and visit them. I told them after I graduated from highschool. The last time I traveled back to China, I was not able to spend much time with them. I regreted that. But there was a day, that I decided to walk to the park with them. In the park, there were many elders. They put music on and dance with the group. My grandparent was in one of those group. They introduced me to the other elders and I was happy to know them.
As the music starts and my grandparent start to dancing with the other elder. during that time, my curiousity started to build up in my mind. I never knew 70 years old grandparent would had such social life. I got so curious that I immdiately ask them question after they done dancing. I asked them what they been doing during their free time. They told me that, other elders would come over and have conversation about their youth, my grandpa would play Chinese chess with other elder and my grandma would play pokers with the neighbors or cook bread.
After the call ended, I was very glad that I talked to them. They made me remember what they taught me. They taught me how to appreciate life and how to respect others. They and my parent are the one who raised me up as the person I am today. It’s my turn to take care of them. I can’t wait until next summer after I graduate from highschool