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Monday, November 25, 2013

type of post sleeping beauty

Straight - she was curse by a witch and falls sleep at certain age when she pricks her finger until one day a prince come and kiss her and wake her up.

Descriptive - walking up a long and winding stair case toward an awaited death is what princess aurora was experiencing.

Quotation - I walked with you once upon a dream

Question - what if all your life you were told that when you turn a certain age you would prick your finger and fall asleep

Paul & Sydney

Friday, November 8, 2013

Prank become bullying

When do prank cross line and become bullying?
A prank is a harmless fun that everyone can enjoy. But when it cross the line and become hurtful to the person. It becomes bullying.

How do you think the N.F.L should treat harassment and abuse in the locker room and off field?
The N.F.L. should take bullying more seriously. No one wants to play football when it's not fun. Especially when people says offensive things that makes a person want to quit the team. The N.F.L. should suspend the players that bully.

Have you been a victim of prank?
I been pranked once back in 5th grade. When my best friend that I trust the most hacked one of my account for games and thought it was funny. But he apologized because he felt bad.